The purpose of this Wiki is to provide you with informations and briefly explain about the negative and positive impact of ICT on society.

The social impacts of ICT

ICT is constantly changing and advancing as scientists and engineers create new technologies for us to use and enjoy.
For example in the last 10 years these technologies have become commonplace
1. Personal Computers
2. Mobile Phones
3. The Internet
4. Online Shopping
5. Social Networking
6. Television
7. E-mail
8. Credit cards
And so on. Imagine what our society was like back in the 1950s compared to today.

Few general advantages of IT:
  • Instant communication
  • Online shopping
  • Massive source of information
  • Entertaining
  • Makes life easier

Few general disadvantages of IT:
  • Scammers/Hackers
  • Addictive (Internet,games)
  • Perverts

IT has made modern life much easier than what it used to, however for all the goods there are many bads. Society today has become too reliant on IT for all their needs, this in turn causes many problems. IT is now incorporated into nearly everything in today’s society, schools, hospitals, businesses and even security! But imagine if one day all IT disappeared…The world would be in utter chaos and that’s because the old ways are becoming pretty much extinct.
Over the past few years, online banking and other Web-based financial services have exploded in popularity. As our lives have become more hectic the convenience and simplicity of online transactions have released us from standing in line and saved us much valuable time. It was inevitable that the dishonest among them would notice our increasing use of the Internet and look for an opportunity to swindle and scam. The modern day 'rip-off merchant' uses social engineering to trick unsuspecting people into voluntarily giving away sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), and passwords with an ultimate goal of credit card or other monetary fraud, and identity theft. You can find some examples of potential threats by clicking the link below:Potential Threats