Social Networking

Social Networking is a popular activity for mostly teenagers or young adults to create a personal page on one of the most social websites e.g. face book, MySpace and much more.

The Advantages of social networking is:
  • A easy way to chat and communicate to friends and family 24/7
  • Getting to know new people who are far from you
  • Searching through pictures and expressing you through pictures, videos and much more.

The Disadvantage of social networking is:
  • A lot of cyber bullying happens especially through Msn, Face book chat and etc
  • Crimes happen such as stealing pictures and disusing it
  • Scams and frauds happen e.g. Kidnapping, murders and much more.

The social impacts on social networking are that many kids are loosing their grades due to being on instant messaging chatting to their friends about unnecessary stuff and also another social impact is that it has affected many adults as they nowadays forget to look and care for their Childs and instead they chat to their co teammates or friends. This has also encouraged criminals to do crimes without anyone knowing such as kidnapping or even cyber bullying.