Online Shopping

Online Shopping is a way to which you can buy anything you want from your computer relaxing at home.

The Advantage of online shopping is:
· You can literally buy anything you want
· Its fast and only takes few days for delivery
· You also get cheaper products online than in shops
· Great deals online such as vouchers and etc

The Disadvantage of online shopping is:
  • You may not get what you ordered as sometimes its out of stock
  • Delivery can take time at times due to traffic or public holidays
  • You can miss your delivery due to not being home to collect it
  • Sometimes the website you ordered from turns out to be a scam to take your money and card details.

The social impacts of online shopping is that you turn quite lazy and often you have no time to visit shops which means there are many elderly who shop from home and it can socially give a affect on your health due you not visiting the outside much.